Friday, 5 August 2016

The Truth About Karma

I don't believe in Karma
there are too many successful cunts
in the world for that to be true,
but what can you do?
Be nice to your mum, she’s your number one fan,
She’s the one who’ll always tell you you can.
Be nice to your enemies and your doubters too,
as they don’t care how many ulcers you self inflict,
if you hurt yourself, if your wings get clipped
what path you tread, if you succeed or trip.
Stop for the ducks crossing the street with her chicks,
give to the poor, be nice to the sick,
think of the world with kindness ,
give a smile, forgive those who act with blindness,
help little old ladies, admire the brave.
Let the Golden Rule dictate how you behave.

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